About Us

"Scoopstake is a Co-Innovation Marketplace for Corporates to meet Startups Where Corporates Build/Buy/Partner with Disruptive Startups And Startups get Access to Market, Distribution and Capital from Corporates Scoopstake Platform simplifies Co-innovation Matchmaking & Engagements by:

— Communicating through Structured Deal Flow
— Validating pitches via a network of Experts
— Discovering cross domain innovation synergies"
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Scoopstake is an initiative by the Co-Labs Innovation Accelerator team to facilitate Co-Innovation and accelerate commercialization of Innovation.

ScoopStake helps corporates scout and co-innovate with external startup ecosystem through structured and de-risked collaboration mechanisms for varied levels of engagement. Startups get to access the Corporate Venture Capital support and chart a bigger and a faster growth trajectory.

Our Team

We take care of everything about an advertising campaign: branding and corporate identity, brochures, catalogs and posters. With a very careful eye on the consistency of the brand across all media channels.

Reaching the heights together

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